VoLTE Interconnect Guide Prepares Operators for New Era of Services

The shift taking place now is staggering. Today, most voice calls still rely on 3G networks, but in the next few years they’re predicted to be converted to a technology taking the mobile industry by storm – Voice over LTE, or VoLTE. In fact, in just five years, VoLTE subscriptions are expected to hit 3.3 billion and represent 60 percent of all global LTE subscriptions.

This massive shift will not only eliminate the need to have voice and data on separate networks, it will open an exciting new era of next-generation voice services. But it will also bring a number of new challenges for mobile operators, including installing new equipment, integrating disparate systems, and establishing new prices and service standards.

Syniverse has been right in the middle of helping the mobile industry navigate this VoLTE transition, and to help operators further prepare for this next phase of accelerated VoLTE implementation, we’ve collected our top learnings and best practices in a new series of VoLTE guides that we’re beginning to release this week.

The first of these guides is “Understanding VoLTE Interconnect” and covers one of the critical pillars of integrating VoLTE. Interconnect involves the linking of two or more operators’ networks, either domestically within a country or internationally, so that a call or other media session remains entirely on an IP-based network and does not fall back to older legacy-service-based network during call routing. It’s a crucial component to get right in implementing VoLTE, and the guide offers our best insights to help operators with this step.

I invite you to explore this guide and find out more on interconnect by downloading the guide at the link below. And I urge you to stay tuned to Synergy in the next few weeks as we release the next guides in our VoLTE series.

“Understanding VoLTE Interconnect” Guide

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