Syniverse Releases VoLTE Guide to Help Operators Double Down on Roaming

Voice over LTE, or VoLTE, is quickly gaining ground as a new voice-service standard, and Syniverse has been moving right along with its rapid rise.

Last week we took one more step in this effort by releasing the first of a new series of VoLTE guides that collect some of our top learnings and best practices from our recent VoLTE customer work. This first guide was “Understanding VoLTE Interconnect,” and now we’ve released a second guide, covering another critical pillar of integrating VoLTE – roaming.

This foundational service involves implementing, testing and ensuring the quality of a number of new technologies and processes. One of the most important of these is understanding and determining the best strategy as far as using either home-based routing (S8HR) architecture or local breakout architecture.

I urge you to download our guide below to find out more about VoLTE roaming, including what the specific challenges and advantages of S8HR and local breakout roaming are, and how these are positioned to evolve in the near future. And stay tuned to Synergy for the third guide in our VoLTE series, coming soon.

“Understanding VoLTE Roaming” Guide

Faron Achziger is Senior Product Manager of IMS Services at Syniverse’s Tampa office.



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