Understanding VoLTE Roaming for S8 Home-Routed and Local Breakout Architectures

VoLTE, or Voice over Long Term Evolution, is beginning to rapidly revolutionize voice service for mobile communications. But making the transition to this new technology involves a number of challenges, as complex connections are worked out, new equipment is installed and mobile devices are made with the necessary hardware. A particularly critical component is enabling VoLTE roaming, which requires testing, resolving and ensuring the quality of a number of new processes.

At Syniverse, we’ve been in the thick of helping operators navigate this transition, and in this post, we would like to explain an important concept related to VoLTE roaming – the difference between S8 home-routed and local breakout architecture. In the video below, my colleague Faron Achziger and I go over some of the most  important aspects of these two technologies, including which technology is the most prevalent now, what the challenges and advantages of each are, and how we see S8 home-routed and local breakout evolving in the near future.

Please check out our video to discover more about VoLTE roaming. And if you weren’t able to attend our VoLTE webinar last week, “Lessons Learned: Implementing VoLTE Roaming in Europe,” which featured John Wick, Senior Vice President and General Manager of Mobile Transaction Services at Syniverse, and special guest Keith Dyer, Founder and Editor of The Mobile Network, please check out part of the webinar recording and some of the slides.



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