‘Roam Like Home’ Capability Sets New Expectations for Mobile Operators

One of the most anticipated changes in the EU mobile market has finally come: Europe abolished mobile roaming charges this year, and now mobile consumers can call, text, and surf the web – or “roam like home” – without racking up huge charges when traveling across the 28-nation region. One ramification of this is that consumers will now expect to be able to have access to the same high-quality mobile experiences when they travel as they do when they’re at home – and it means it’s more crucial than ever for operators to demonstrate the unique value they deliver when their customers roam. In the video here, I explain how operators can do this by taking three steps to distinguish their customers’ roaming experiences, and by ensuring they provide the LTE coverage necessary to power these experiences. Please take a look, and let me know your thoughts on this in the comments section below.


Mary Clark is a former Chief Corporate Relations Officer and Chief of Staff at Syniverse.



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