Impact of EU Roaming Regulations Evaluated at Mobile World Congress Panel

After many years of debate, one of the most profound changes ever to take place in the European mobile market went in effect last summer. The EU’s elimination of intra-regional roaming charges has, for the first time, instituted standard rates for mobile service for citizens of a 28-country bloc when they travel within that area. At the same time, the new regulations have forever altered the way that operators offer value to roaming customers in Europe.

Syniverse has been helping a number of mobile service providers navigate these new regulations, and last week I was fortunate to have an opportunity to share some perspectives on this at a panel session at Mobile World Congress. There I talked about what the regulations mean for the future of roaming overall as well as for the integration of new technologies like the internet of things.

Our talk was just published on the official Mobile World Congress online channel, Mobile World Live, and I invite you to take a look at it here or below. The new EU regulations have major ramifications for roaming that are just beginning to be fully understood. I look forward to following these developments closely and sharing more viewpoints on it at industry events like this.

Mobile World Congress panel



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