How BCE Is Helping to Accelerate 5G Adoption

For years, usage of TAP – Transferred Account Procedures – has been the only and off-line standard for wholesale roaming and billing settlement. TAP was originally designed to support voice and SMS and was well-suited for handling simple billing scenarios for mobile data usage. However, with the increased importance of mobile data and usage of online charging methods, the transfer of many individual records between operators has become obsolete. The TAP standard was not designed to handle the evolved billing requirements and use cases that are emerging. As a result, alternative solutions are needed to manage the today’s wholesale billing requirements from operators.

Understanding that both IoT and 5G would bring different needs to telecom billing, GSMA introduced BCE – Billing and Charging Evolution – which is capable of supporting the large amounts of billing and charging activities that IoT forced into to the mobile ecosystem.  BCE’s ability to handle and streamline the wholesale billing process, as well as effectively report and invoice for inter-operator settlements, are key attributes of this new standard. In order to stay competitive, operators need to proactively implement new technologies that can meet the demands of modern mobile platforms. By supporting the BCE standard, operators position themselves to take full advantage of IoT and 5G standalone and the revenue generating services those will provide.

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With a strong international business background in the ‘Financial’ and ‘Telecommunications’ industries Jon is a leader and motivator of cross functional teams across multiple locations including the United Kingdom, India, and the United States. As a senior product manager at Syniverse, Jon manages clearing and settlement services designed to help mobile operators manage their roaming operations from data collection through clearing to cash settlement. Prior to Syniverse Jon was director FC product management managing products that helped operator customers with roaming, interconnect, messaging, and direct billing solutions.



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