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Case Study: Enhance Customer Service and Expand Roaming Offering

Syniverse Data Roaming Packs Enhance Customer Service and Expand Roaming Offerings

A major mobile services provider in Latin America sought to provide a wider range of roaming offerings in its competitive and rapidly growing home market. The company had two objectives. First, it wanted to improve customer satisfaction and retention. At the same time, the company was looking to attract new subscribers with enhanced roaming packages encompassing voice, data and free Wi-Fi roaming while also removing the fear of bill shock.

Syniverse used its Data Roaming Packs to implement a flexible solution to provide a complete real-time view of customer activity as well as offer a range of innovative roaming packages. With Data Roaming Pack's real-time usage metrics and performance indicators at their fingertips, customer-service representatives were able to more accurately determine subscriber problems, reduce resolution time, and deliver a smoother and more consistent subscriber experience. Moreover, Data Roaming Packs gave the mobile service provider the capability to offer bundled services based on a number of geographic- and network-based features, as well as data roaming packs providing dynamic charging and policy controls for various roaming-related applications. As a result, the mobile service provider was able to allow subscribers to customize their own package options and gain real-time usage and cost information. Subscribers gained full control over data usage and were able to access information about usage and data roaming charges at any time, providing significant bill-shock prevention.

"Syniverse's Data Roaming Packs solution has allowed us to offer a number of innovative and cost-effective roaming packages to our subscribers, including free Wi-Fi, which has really set us apart in our highly competitive Latin America market. By giving our subscribers greater value and better visibility into their usage and expenditure, we have been able to both remove the fear of bill shock and enhance the customer experience.”