BandwidthX Expands Its Wi-Fi Offering
BandwidthX Expands Its Wi-Fi Offering search
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May 11, 2017

BandwidthX Expands Its Wi-Fi Offering

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CARLSBAD, Calif. – BandwidthX today announced its support of the Syniverse Mobile Marketplace, a new addition to Syniverse’s secure platform that enables service providers and enterprises from around the world to buy and sell Wi-Fi with the click of a button. Syniverse developed the Mobile Marketplace solution with the support of BandwidthX, which will also participate in the marketplace in several ways, including tapping into its international footprint and offering dynamic pricing, automated policies and advanced connection management services.

“We are pleased to support Syniverse in the launch of its Mobile Marketplace solution and look forward to the new opportunities that it will provide everyone in the Wi-Fi ecosystem,” says Pertti Visuri, BandwidthX CEO, “The global Wi-Fi footprint represents a very large and rapidly growing resource for all mobile devices. Better efficiency in accessing that footprint and streamlining procurement processes will bring significant value to the industry.”

Syniverse Mobile Marketplace easily allows participants to search for Wi-Fi coverage and then connect and make agreements with potential buyers and sellers. In support of the marketplace, BandwidthX is providing their advanced connection management service and their cloud-based market, BxMarket, in which both mobile operators and network service providers can define their value for data capacity in real time and are automatically matched when their values align. This business-to-business solution enables mobile operators to precisely meet data demand by automatically accessing available Wi-Fi and buying unused data capacity from network service providers.

“We are pleased to work with BandwidthX to create Mobile Marketplace as new model for how Wi-Fi coverage can be obtained and deployed,” said John McRae, Group Vice President and General Manager, Syniverse.

For further information about BandwidthX and its solution, visit or follow @BandwidthX on Twitter.


About BandwidthX

BandwidthX operates an advanced connection management service and a cloud-based marketplace where both Mobile Operators and Network Service Providers can define their value for data capacity in real time and are automatically matched when their values align. BxMarket gives the Mobile Operators incremental data capacity at lower cost, while allowing the Network Service Providers to profit from new revenue streams from their underutilized data networks. With this new form of micro-commerce, everyone in the mobile data ecosystem wins: from Mobile Operators and Network Service Providers to equipment and software vendors, aggregators and financial clearing companies and, of course, the end user of the device. Learn more about BandwidthX at

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About Syniverse

As the world’s most connected company, Syniverse helps mobile operators and businesses manage and secure their mobile and network communications, driving better engagements and business outcomes. For over 30 years, Syniverse has been the trusted spine of mobile communications by delivering the industry-leading innovations in software and services that now connect more than 7 billion devices globally and process over $35 billion in mobile transactions each year. Syniverse is headquartered in Tampa, Florida, with global offices in Asia Pacific, Africa, Europe, Latin America and the Middle East. For more information, subscribe to the Syniverse blog and follow the company on Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook.

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