Secure Network Video Series, Part 1: Threats of the Public Internet

The emergence of the internet of things (IoT) and the rapid growth of IoT devices and applications are opening a new era of connectivity – and vulnerability.

Specifically, as businesses today seize the opportunities of this new era, they risk leaving their commercial data and systems exposed to a public internet not originally intended for this purpose, and one increasingly besieged by crippling cyberattacks. This is why we at Syniverse believe that, ultimately, companies that want to do business and transfer data with certainty, security and privacy should not be relying on the public internet.

Simply put, security-conscious businesses must integrate the use of a private, isolated network as a way to protect and authenticate their data, transactions, and communications.

This is an initiative that we’ve been working on a lot with customers this year, and one in which I continue to be enlightened by customers and colleagues. In a new series of videos, starting with the one below, I share some of my perspectives on cyberthreats along with the top discussion points from these conversations. In our first segment, we talk about the nature of today’s internet threats and what companies should know about them.


Threats of public internet



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