Join Syniverse on April 14 for Latin America Banking Security Webinar

What’s my account balance? How can I make a payment this afternoon? Which of my investments are doing well right now? These are frequently the daily, and sometimes hourly, needs of today’s financial consumers, and being able to service these requests quickly and accurately has become a must for banks.

Mobile has truly become a crucial component of banking services today, and a full-scale mobile strategy for banks has moved from a secondary objective to a top priority. Importantly, consumers have become more technologically empowered than ever to engage with banks in multiple ways, and with higher expectations. In response, Syniverse’s Latin America team has just developed a new resource to help banks address these expectations.

Critically, one of the most important of these expectations is security. Rising cybercrimes and new regulations have brought a new era in financial services that has made customer authentication and secure connectivity a higher priority than ever. As a result, banks and financial companies are now being held to a whole new level for managing the security and privacy of their customers’ data.

Syniverse’s team in Latin America team has been playing a big role in providing services to help companies navigate the new financial landscape in this rapidly growing region. From our customers and potential customers in such large financial markets of countries like Brazil and Mexico, we increasingly receive a number of common questions about today’s new banking security requirements, challenges, and opportunities. To help shed some light on these areas, our Latin America team has assembled some of our latest insights and best practices for this region into a new webinar. On April 14, we’ll be presenting “Security First: Protecting the Digital Banking Ecosystem,” a session that will be in Spanish.

In this webinar, I’ll be joined by my colleague, Leo Saucedo, Vice President of Sales, and we’ll discuss some of these best practices for secure banking in Latin America today:

  • Avoiding SIM swap and identity takeover fraud.
  • Providing additional levels of security for critical transactions.
  • Protecting the transmission of sensitive internal and customer-related information.

Banks now have an unprecedented opportunity to engage their users through mobile, but with this comes a higher and higher expectation for security and privacy by consumers. At “Security First: Protecting the Digital Banking Ecosystem,” we’ll help prepare banks and other financial companies for this new landscape with the insights and best practices they need to know. I hope you can join us.

Register for “Security First: Protecting the Digital Banking Ecosystem” (in Spanish) on April 14 at 1:00 p.m. Eastern Time

Dario Buschiazzo is a Director of Product Management and works at Syniverse’s headquarters in Tampa, Florida.



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