Secure Network Video Series, Part 4: The Imperative for Private Networks

In my last three blog posts, we’ve talked about the range of online threats that have sprung from the increasing sophistication of today’s cyberattacks along with the growth of the attack surface and vulnerabilities stemming from the internet of things. In this last part of our video series, I’d like to turn the focus to a thought-provoking solution for minimizing these threats: the use of isolated, private networks.

At Syniverse, we believe businesses must integrate the use of a private, isolated network as one practical approach to protecting and authenticating their data. Such a network can be utilized to minimize business risk by providing a high level of security from public internet threats; global but flexible connectivity; and better performance with higher capacity, higher speed, and lower latency.

It’s an initiative we’ve been working on enthusiastically this year, and we continue to enlighten customers and colleagues about it as we seek to understand their desires and concerns while they move more of their business operations into the internet of things. In the final part of our video series, below, we discuss this idea of a private, isolated network and its security implications in more depth. I encourage you to check it out to learn more, and also to watch part one, part two, and part three of the series to understand the bigger picture of today’s cyberthreats.



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