The Power of Syniverse CPaaS Concierge in the Middle East and Africa Regions

Syniverse CPaaS (Communications Platform as a Service) enables enterprises to add real-time communications features to their applications, such as Messaging, Social, Mobile Wallet, Voice, RCS, Chatbots, and more. Enterprises can take advantage of this platform without having to build any backend infrastructure or interfaces, but rather simply by using Syniverse APIs. This helps in supporting multiple use cases, like appointment reminders, delivery updates, authentication, conversations with customers and much more. As many enterprises are using creative digital technologies to interact with their end customers, the demand for CPaaS is growing across all regions.

Middle East and Africa CPaaS Market Trends

CPaaS in the Middle East and Africa market is projected to grow at a CAGR of around 31% from 2021-27, according to MarkNTel Advisors in a recent research report, so it is not a stretch to presume that could increase to as much as 50% in the next few years—or perhaps even higher. In Africa, smartphone penetration, Internet, and data usage are all increasing in a big way and mobile payments are becoming more popular every day, which has led enterprises to adopt a customer-centric approach in businesses. 

Providing a personalized experience to the customers via deep interaction has gained huge popularity in this region. As a result, the demand for CPaaS has increased significantly in the past few years but for enterprises, selecting a solution provider is complicated and challenging. There are many vendors who say that they offer CPaaS and everyone claims they have the best solutions without any implementation experience, but in reality, there are not many vendors who have a true understanding. Enterprises in the region should look at MEA CPaaS partners who have experience in implementing such solutions and who can support them in the long run, with global expertise and ideas from different markets. For enterprises, partner relationships are more important than vendor relationships in order to succeed in such digital initiatives.

Enterprises are looking for smarter self-service systems with intelligent customer engagement platforms. Middle East and Africa regions have many new small- and medium-sized enterprises who want to implement CPaaS solutions, which will provide significant growth opportunities in this market. 

Moreover, to support business complexities, global expertise and other requirements of enterprises, there is increased demand for professional CPaaS services, which Syniverse can offer including technical support, consulting, integration & implementation, etc.

All verticals (BFSI, Travel and Hospitality, E-Commerce and Retail, Healthcare, and more) are engaging with Syniverse to be part of this digital transformation in Middle East and Africa. Are you equipped to handle the habits of your digital consumers?

Connect with us today to explore your options with our experts. We’d love to share our experience with you, discuss what our customers are currently doing with our CPaaS solutions in the Middle East and Africa and how they are helping with digital transformation.

With more than 23 years of telecom experience, in his role as Solution Engineering Lead at Syniverse, Rajesh offers vast knowledge on both the operator and enterprise side of the business to customers across the world. With a deep understanding of different market scenarios and customer behaviors, as well as country regulations for communications, Rajesh is pleased to share his knowledge and develop new ideas as a trusted resource for use cases that help enterprises target customers at the right time and right place using the right communication channels.



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