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Syniverse Named "Challenger" in Omdia Universe CPaaS Platform Providers Report
Syniverse Named "Challenger" in Omdia Universe CPaaS Platform Providers Report search
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Syniverse Named "Challenger" in Omdia Universe CPaaS Platform Providers Report

Omdia Report: Syniverse Leads the Way in Customer Recommendations

Omdia Universe has designated Syniverse as a “Challenger” in its latest CPaaS Platform Providers Report for 2022-23. Notably, of the seven CPaaS platform providers included, Syniverse received the highest marks for customer recommendations, beating out the next closest competitor by several percentage points. With its high-touch, hands-on co-creation strategy, Syniverse is able to meet the needs of its customer base efficiently and effectively, leading to highly satisfactory outcomes across the board.

According to Pamela Clark-Dickson, Syniverse is a great fit for Fortune 2000 and/or brick-and-mortar companies undergoing digital adoption/transformation seeking a CPaaS provider with a high-quality global communications network to support business-critical communications, as well as companies looking for a CPaaS vendor offering an orchestration engine that can enable integrations with multiple backend systems.

Syniverse’s Designation Explained

Syniverse has received this prestigious designation from Omdia Universe thanks to the company’s high-value services provided via their CPaaS platform. Additionally, several strategic partnerships have positioned Syniverse well to take on larger enterprise customers in the near future.

The report, which reviews the Communications Platform as a Service (CPaaS) market and providers on the metrics of customer experience, capability, and market presence, further highlights Syniverse’s background in traditional Short Message Service (SMS) aggregation and the telecommunications industry. It also cites network capabilities and an existing enterprise customer base as key factors that give the company a competitive edge over many of its rivals.

According to the Omdia report, Syniverse was best in class in terms of customer recommendations and vendor experience, with some of its other notable greatest strengths being solution breadth, technical support, and professional services. Also highlighted was Syniverse’s high rankings for customer satisfaction.

Omdia Universe’s Recommendations

In the 2022-23 report, Omdia lays out their recommendation for the ideal company to take advantage of Syniverse’s services. Notably, the report names Fortune 2000 companies and brick-and-mortar companies looking to increase digital presence.

Additionally, companies in need of a CPaaS vendor capable of integrating with a wide variety of back-end systems like sales platforms, CRM software, and other commonly used business software are also good candidates to utilize the services provided by Syniverse. For enterprises with significant investments into existing systems, a Syniverse partnership will allow companies to take advantage of Syniverse’s CPaaS capabilities without the need for product replacements that would be necessary with many other CPaaS providers.

Orchestration Engine: A Key Differentiator

The Omdia report also highlights Syniverse’s orchestration engine as one of the key differentiators for the company. Syniverse’s orchestration engine uses intelligent systems to better organize customer data across multiple channels. The result is a better experience for customer care, marketing, and sales teams, which translates into a better experience for customers.

Fully-Featured Offerings and Capabilities

Syniverse scored high marks in the “Solution Breadth” category of the Omdia report as well. With strong investments in value-added services and technologies, Syniverse is poised to compete with all of the market leaders going forward, especially given that its groundbreaking Hyperscale Communications Platform was launched after research for the Omdia report had already been conducted.

Learn More About Products and Services From Syniverse

Syniverse can provide best-in-class CPaaS services for your business. With an unmatched Hyperscale Communications Platform, you’ll be able to better communicate with your customers wherever they are with limitless capacity.

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