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Seize the future of mobile messaging with RCS.
Seize the future of mobile messaging with RCS. search
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Seize the future of mobile messaging with RCS.

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Seize the future of mobile messaging with RCS.

Text messaging has had its time. But now it’s time to evolve. Rich Communication Services (RCS) delivers a deeper messaging experience with almost endless possibilities. Establishing an RCS platform is a new way for businesses to amplify their branding and talk to their customers in fresh, dynamic ways.

It’s been over 25 years since the first text message was sent, but amazingly this technology, its capabilities, and its limitations have remained the same.

As a result, following the birth and explosive growth of smart devices, the text message has come to be considered old-fashioned. Unlike popular over-the-top (OTT) messaging apps, text messaging doesn’t support read receipts, group messaging capabilities, or many other “cool” features available. Instead of being able to take advantage of new internet-based data networks, text messaging remains reliant on cellular connections, which limit its connectivity and its message length to 160 characters.

But now there’s a new kid on the block. Her name is Rich Communication Services (RCS), and she has plans to turn text messaging on its head.

Messaging has moved to the 21st century

RCS has emerged as a game-changing messaging service that delivers a more dynamic experience through chats and enhanced interfaces. In particular, RCS is a more collaborative technology that allows group chats, video and audio messages, and high-resolution images. What’s more, it’s geared to provide read receipts and even allow people to see, in real time, when someone is replying to their messages.

But this is only the start. Some of the richest benefits of RCS revolve around business-to-consumer engagement. The interactive chat interface that RCS allows will transform communications. As an example, businesses will be able to send live updates, like alerts about upcoming airline flights, and RCS will even enable seat views and changes — all through a messaging app.

The result: improved mobile engagement and improved customer experience.

Delivering an improved customer experience

The power of RCS takes the experience of messaging well beyond the typical texting interface. RCS messages can interweave many forms and graphics, audio files, and other media to allow for customized, branded messages that encourage deeper loyalty. RCS also marks an upgrade to messaging, with popular chat features that include typing indicators, high-quality photo sharing and messaging over Wi-Fi.

People want to share content and collaborate using a variety of media, but they need messaging to be more than the simplistic format of basic text messaging. Users want an engaging experience that takes full advantage of messaging as a platform. They want to seamlessly integrate the capabilities of apps into one messaging platform.

Allowing businesses to make their mark

Today’s businesses are looking to engage with their customers in new and innovative ways that fit with their more and more mobile-empowered lifestyles. Chat apps designed to enhance customer interactions and experiences are a key opportunity for businesses to become more relevant. Messaging can be a channel for them to integrate with their consumers’ day-to-day lives.

“Nearly 90% of marketers surveyed for the report were excited about using RCS, if being able to incorporate a branded text experience meant they would have better conversations and engagement levels with customers.” - Forbes

RCS supports new and creative interactions with businesses through conversational commerce, creating an intersection of messaging apps and shopping. These are crucial for the way that customers communicate with one another and the way that brands communicate with their customers. The adoption of smart devices has modified the way that people interact via texting, streaming video content, and sending files. It’s also altered the ways people interact with businesses, from shopping online, to interacting with sales reps, to identifying with a company’s corporate branding.

Establishing a platform

Many of RCS’s capabilities are like those of an app but still offer the familiarity of text messaging. Unlike traditional text messaging, RCS can serve as a multimedia interface and support the ability to act as a direct portal to businesses. This is powered with useful applications like reservation tools, online shopping and payment options, real-time account management and customer care, and shipment and tracking. Moreover, machine-learning-based and artificial-intelligence-enabled chatbots can be integrated with RCS to provide one-of-a-kind group chat experiences where multiple users can communicate with businesses simultaneously.

Get ready …

RCS is quickly becoming a game changer in the mobile industry. Communications providers and businesses must increasingly engage customers in new and more dynamic ways to stay competitive. RCS unleashes a new set of advanced but easy-to-use capabilities to make this happen.