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MEF Future of Messaging Guide 2021
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MEF Future of Messaging Guide 2021

Once again, Syniverse has partnered with the Mobile Ecosystem Forum to promote its 2021 Future of Messaging Guide in an effort to explore business messaging from every angle.

With a comprehensive look at everything you need to know to stay on top of the next phase of business, this guide covers the growth in the business messaging space—including an A2P market that went from $17 billion in 2019 to $23 billion by the end of 2021.

Still, not everyone is embracing business message but that isn't necessarily a bad thing as it presents tremendous opportunity. In a post-pandemic world, companies and consumers have never been more open to digital communications. And thanks to cloud communications and APIs, it's never been easier for a business to start texting to or utilizing rich messaging with their customers.

Now it's just time to make sure they know that!


The MEF Future of Messaging Guide 2021, Sponsored by Syniverse
As in years past, the guide is comprised of historic review, gazing into the future, interviews and in-depth analysis, digging into all aspects of business messaging—from text alerts to conversational banking.

SMS in a 5G World

You might think that super fast, ubiquitous 5G would make little difference to the decades-old text format. But you’d be wrong. In fact, 5G will give networks a new way of handling SMS message traffic, thanks to something called the SMS Function. In this year's guide, Syniverse’s Pradeep Bhardwaj explains these changes.

Which Channel to Choose?

Enterprises face an array of choices when deciding to start rich messaging their customers. WhatsApp? RCS? Apple Business Chat? In the guide, we set out the pros and cons of the main options.

Can Messaging Also Be Advertising?

The mobile ad market might be huge, but that doesn’t mean brands are satisfied. Banners are "meh" and response rates are low. Could new forms of advertising that blend the conversational dimension of messaging offer a better alternative?

Bot Discovery

If rich messaging is the future of customer care, and brands "talk" to their customers via virtual agents (bots), then that raises a big question: How do people find them? We'll run you through the emerging search options.