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A major operator earns $9.4 million in new roaming revenue.
A major operator earns $9.4 million in new roaming revenue. search
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Customer Success Story

A major operator earns $9.4 million in new roaming revenue.

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The communications provider wanted to increase the amount of data used by roaming subscribers. Anxiety over bill shock was causing travelers to turn off their phones when they crossed borders. The operator needed smarter insights about how to reduce their anxiety—and a more flexible tool for capitalizing on the opportunity.


We worked with the operator to map out the mass deployment of a single, duration-based data plan. By identifying subscribers who might need a roaming plan and targeting them with relevant offers, we could match those subscribers to a service that would give them a new level of freedom—and result in them keeping their phones on. Implementing our Mobile Policy Control Center product, we configured a platform where the operator could begin to identify opportunities and test offers immediately.


It was apparent within months that more subscribers were discovering their freedom to roam. Using Mobile Policy Control Center, the operator delivered millions of offers within weeks. Subscribers purchased fully 11% of these offers. And most of those purchases represented a previously untapped opportunity: $9.4 million in incremental roaming revenue was attributed to the campaign. And as further proof that subscribers’ experiences were improving, the operator saw a 10-fold decrease in roaming bill disputes handled by its customer service team.

Bottom Line

Syniverse’s Mobile Policy Control Center is an avenue for unearthing hidden roaming opportunities—and a tool for seizing them.