A major provider took control of roaming quality.
A major provider took control of roaming quality. search
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Customer Success Story

A major provider took control of roaming quality.

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A mobile operator needed a way to drive continuity in the experiences its roaming subscribers were having. Customers leaving their home network were experiencing difficulties with placing calls and using data. The provider had no way to ensure that roaming service was consistent outside its network.


We worked with the operator to implement Syniverse Total Visibility, giving them the tools to monitor roaming customers in real time. Total Visibility gave the operator a snapshot of roaming success every five minutes, and quickly alerted their team when a partner network’s success rate dropped dramatically.


Total Visibility equipped our customer with data that led to direct action. In one case, the roaming operations team was alerted to a 70 percent drop in roaming session success rates. Acting on the alert, they were able to immediately follow up with the partner network and fix the problem. For subscribers, that meant less time without service. For the operator, it meant delivering on their commitment to quality.

Bottom Line

Service problems are more than a nuisance. They threaten an operator’s reputation for consistency and quality. With Total Visibility, operators can keep their promises to roamers by detecting service problems as they happen. Problem-solving at rapid speed means better customer experiences—and customer experiences build lasting loyalty.