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Syniverse makes desk phones a thing of the past.
Syniverse makes desk phones a thing of the past. search
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Customer Success Story

Syniverse makes desk phones a thing of the past.

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An MVNO needed to be able to give its mobile devices two numbers, but it lacked a roaming service that would it allow it to seamlessly do this.


Syniverse provided the global signaling and messaging solutions necessary to allow subscribers to use a single mobile device with two numbers — one for business and one personal use when traveling abroad.


The Virtual Network Enablement Services solution gave the MVNO the full capability it needed to offer a powerful B2B value proposition.

Bottom Line

The MVNO’s target market expanded considerably. With roaming now covered in the solution, the benefits of eliminating a business of desk phones could be truly opened up. First, no desk phones meant substantial cost savings. Secondly, employees were engaged by the improved experience made possible by Syniverse. They could use all mobile services on one device, on both their personal number and business number, wherever they may go in the world.