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Is your mobile messaging

Mobile messaging is one of the most important channels when it comes to your marketing mix. But how do you know you’re using the best provider to deliver your messages – and the ROI on customer engagement your company is looking for?

Download Juniper Research’s report to see:

  • A detailed view of the competitive landscape of mobile messaging providers
  • Juniper's A2P Messaging leaderboard by product/position and capability/capacity
  • An evaluation of Syniverse's key clients & strategic partnerships, high level view of offerings, and key strengths & opportunities

Plus, find out how Syniverse is positioned to help you drive real-time, personalized customer engagement, service, and commerce via mobile messaging.

Juniper on Syniverse

“A clear market leader in the text messaging (A2P) space. Juniper Research believes [Syniverse] will leverage its large geographical reach through operator partners to continue to offer the most comprehensive international A2P offering.”

Why Syniverse Mobile Messaging?

  • 740 billion messages processed a year, 2 billion per day, 85 million per hour, 1.5 million per minute
  • Reach to 7+ billion devices
  • 300+ quality direct-operator connections
  • 99.9% of messages delivered in under 15 seconds

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