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Webinar Replay: The Future of Messaging and Customer Experience

Explore the Future of Messaging and Customer Experience

Syniverse is proud to partner with the Mobile Ecosystem Forum to promote its 2020 Future of Messaging Guide featuring industry experts from both organizations and beyond.

In this session, the focus was on the evolution of business messaging, including CPaaS, bots, omnichannel, virtual customer care agents, self-service and the arrival of person-to-business messaging. In addition to these topics, during the webinar, Jeff Bak, Vice President of Product Management at Syniverse, joins Tim Green, Features Editor at MEF, and Bryan Yag, Global Retail and eCommerce Strategy Manager at UPS, to drill into customer experience and the role of mobile messaging for UPS' business.

Webinar Replay
Panel Speakers
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Jeff Bak
Vice President, Product Management for Cloud Messaging, Syniverse
Jeff serves as Vice President of Product Management, Cloud Messaging, for Syniverse, managing a diverse portfolio composed of Syniverse’s industry-leading omnichannel Communications Platform as a Service (CPaaS) solution, secure private messaging, and mobile operator hubbing services for consumer messaging.
Tim Green
Tim Green
Features Editor, MEF
Tim Green is a UK-based freelance journalist, copywriter and analyst. He been writing about technology – particularly mobile – for 20 years, first as senior analyst with Screen Digest, then editor of Mobile Entertainment. Today, he writes reports, white papers and eBooks for clients including Citibank, Juniper Research, Gemalto and the mobile operator organisation GSMA. He is currently features editor for the trade body MEF.
Bryan Yag
Bryan Yag
Global Retail and eCommerce Strategy Manager, UPS
As Global Retail and eCommerce Strategy Manager, Bryan Yag leads the development and execution of digital innovations designed to transform the B2C visibility, communication, and delivery experience. In this role, he focuses on long-term strategic planning for the UPS My Choice® platform, as well as the ideation, concept development, and commercialization of new products and services. Bryan joined UPS in 2016 and brings expertise in experiential marketing and creative strategy consultation. Bryan holds a Bachelor of Science in Commerce & Business Administration from the University of Alabama and an MBA from Emory University.


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