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Join us to share ideas and shape the future of the mobile industry at Syniverse Asia Pacific Virtual Networking Roundtable (By Invitation Only)

GSMA Thrive Asia Pacific - Virtual Networking Roundtable

Committed To Our Carrier Customers: Advance Technology Through Innovative Means  

The mobile industry is going through a new and exciting cycle of changes with the rise of IoT and the adoption of 5G networks across the globe. With enhanced bandwidth, speed, and coverage, 5G is designed to handle the enormous data demands of IoT, but mobile network operators need to tap into years of experience, plan ahead, and properly equip themselves to manage resources and capture the revenue growth brought by these new disruptive technologies and applications. For over 30 years, Syniverse has played a significant part in the success of previous network generations from 2G to 5G, helping operators efficiently and cost effectively create connections on a global scale while monetizing their mobile offerings.

At this virtual roundtable, Syniverse experts, together with other industry leaders, will share with our APAC customers critical insights to help them successfully implement 5G solutions, support the continued growth of IoT, drive new revenues and further shape the future of the global mobile industry.

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Topics: (Featuring Customer Cases)

Navigating the End of 3G: Tips for Successful Migration

George Lam, Director of Portfolio Market Development, Syniverse APAC

The GSMA’s BCE Standard Signals a Foundational Change

Douwe van der Heij, Senior Director, Product Management, Syniverse

Anna Gussmann, Senior Director, Customer Products and Industry Relations, Syniverse

First come, first serve. Seats are limited.

Upon approval to attend the Syniverse roundtable, you will receive an email for the pre-meeting survey and the submission of ‘Questions for Syniverse’ for a chance to win a prize. Details to be announced at the roundtable. Our roundtable activity will be added to your Thrive calendar later.

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