A Roaming Tsunami Is Coming. Will Your Business be ready?

The impact of the global pandemic has hit everyone very hard. No matter how big or small, the entire telecom industry was impacted. With no one traveling, the wholesale and retail roaming of the telecommunications providers suffered most of all.

During the pandemic, telecommunication providers had to cut costs which made the downsizing of people and resources commonplace. With the drop in roaming, the focus of telecommunication providers moved to other parts of their business and rightly so. Changes were necessary, strictly from a survival standpoint.

It has been a long 18 months, but with the pandemic becoming less impactful, travel is expected to come back strong. According to Kaleido Intelligence, “As restrictions are lifted and infection rates decline, the pent up demand for travel will be evident as tourists and business travelers make up for lost time. Meanwhile, service providers need to be ready.  Roaming will grow exponentially over the next 5 years.” According to Grandview Research, “Roaming Tariffs are expected to grow at a CAGR of 5.1% from 2021 to 2026”. 

Add to the coming wave of roaming the sunsetting of 3G, and the addition of VoLTE and 5G, and it is easy to see that roaming has never had a brighter or busier future. For these reasons, telecommunication providers’ roaming business must be ready. The question that remains, however, is simple. “How do they ensure that readiness?” Should they hire back resources or refocus resources internally? The answer must be considered carefully, as the cost and impact to other services may suffer in turn. 

How do telecommunication providers deal with the coming wave of roaming? A look at what Syniverse has done for over 30 years, staying at the forefront of innovation and developing services to meet the needs of our customers, can provide the roadmap. The innovation it took to launch Global Services as professional services organization is a great example. The focus of Global Services has always been on helping customers meet the coming demands of roaming and other industry needs now and in the future. 

Syniverse Global Services offers a variety of solutions such as:

Roaming Management Services

  • Roaming Business Intelligence (Inbound and outbound roaming insights and trends)
  • Roaming Agreement Facilitation (Facilitate roaming agreement process)
  • IREG Testing and TADIG Validation Services (Voice, SMS, Data, LTE, VoLTE 5G)
  • Roaming Monitoring Services (Network behavior, issue resolution)
  • Roaming Business Assessment (Detailed business analysis of roaming operations)
  • Mobile Profile Management Service (Detailed analysis to enable monetization of unidentified IoT devices)

All of these solutions ensure that providers are ready for the coming wave of roaming, helping with the transition and management of the hybrid TAP and BCE roaming management environment. This is key to ensuring monetization for roaming of 5G devices and their impact on the network. 

Today, the suite of roaming management services has helped over 20 telecommunication providers globally get prepared for the coming wave. Our customers have benefitted from our team of experts and added over $1.6 million to their bottom line. One customer, Liberty Latin America, had this to say:

 “By using Syniverse’s hands-on roaming services, Liberty Latin America is able to identify gaps in revenue caused by mobile operators trying and failing to connect into our network. The collaboration with Syniverse has allowed us to continue to provide comprehensive roaming services and focus our time on other aspects of the business”.- Eduardo Gandarilla, Head of Sales and Marketing, Wholesale Networks, Liberty Latin America”

In addition to Roaming Management Services, Syniverse offers other services and custom solutions based on individual needs or industry needs that need to be addressed. Examples include 10 DLC, RCS Chatbot Lifecycle Services, SPAM analysis, VoLTE testing for 3G sunsetting, Wholesale Deal Management, and Mobile Campaign Management. With more than 30 years of experience in the mobile business, Syniverse continues to lead the telecommunication industry with innovation, providing unquestionable value to customers. 

Will you be ready for the roaming wave that is coming? We hope so and are here to work with you to ensure you are.

Contact us  today to learn how we can address your individual business needs.

Dr. Ted Boggs is Senior Director of Carrier Services at Syniverse’s headquarters in Tampa, Florida.  He is a seasoned professional with 20 years experience in technology, consulting, professional services, and solutions selling.  His current focus is on creating ROI for our carrier customers by looking for new revenue and cost avoidance in their roaming business.



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