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Intelligent Roaming

Utilizing Intelligent Roaming to Deliver Enhanced Roaming Experiences

Sustaining long-term profitability lies in raising the performance of the retail, quality and wholesale spheres of your roaming business. These mutually beneficial objectives are dependent on employing accurate, actionable information in real time. These in turn stimulate increased usage, influence the quality of the subscriber experience, and reduce wholesale costs.

Our unique standing in the mobile ecosystem -- with connections to over 1,000 operators and reach to more than 6 billion devices -- means we can process this information for our customers through an extensive solution suite to fulfill your roaming growth goals.

Subscriber Behavior Analysis
Subscriber Behavior Analysis

The revenue potential of the silent, inactive or low-spending roamer is substantial. In fact, Juniper Research now estimates that as much as 70 percent of roamers turn data off or use alternative services when traveling abroad.

But how can operators harness this substantial latent demand? Actionable, real-time information is the key. This critical insight enables intelligent responses to the subscriber’s context. The delivery of usage transparency and appealing offers can play a crucial role in driving up usage and increasing the volume of your roamers while improving overall customer satisfaction levels.

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Infographic: Intelligent Roaming

Syniverse has an unwavering commitment to help you grow your roaming business. Our philosophy is that the full potential has only been reached when roamers consume the same amount of service when roaming as they do when they are on their home networks. And we know that the foundation of achieving this success is the ability to have visibility into and to influence the quality of the subscribers’ experience at the times when it matters to them.

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Intelligent Roaming Benefits
Intelligent Roaming Benefits

Understanding the quality of experience that your roamers have and being able to direct them to the networks that you have preferential cost arrangements with are fundamental to governing your roaming bottom line. But what makes a real difference to profitability growth is the ability to influence these variables contextually. Adjusting traffic steering quotas hour by hour, proactively eliminating a service issue before it affects a subscriber, and modifying volumes of data consumed are critical capabilities for operators to be able to act on in real time.

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