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3G-to-VoLTE Roaming Interworking
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3G-to-VoLTE Roaming Interworking

3G networks are going away and Syniverse is here to help you with the transition.

The 3G network sunsets are coming. Syniverse is prepared to help you navigate this migration.

The sunsetting or retiring 3G technologies has been on most operator’s radars for some time. The inevitability of aging technology along with the growth in newer platforms and device technologies have elucidated the end of days for many 3G networks supported by operators around the globe.

For many operators, shutting down their 3G networks will allow them to reduce costs and offer the opportunity to re-allocate spectrum to newer services based upon more advanced technologies that are positioned to better support customer devices and use trends, while producing new streams of revenue well into the foreseeable future.

These changes will create many challenges around devices that require 3G for voice and IoT devices that still use older connectivity to transmit data. Roaming subscribers whose home networks do not support VoLTE or have devices that are unable to support VoLTE, will be directly affected by the shutdown as they travel into visited networks that no longer support 3G networks.

The 3G network sunset and its implications for operators

The impending shutdown of 3G and older technologies leaves a gap for many home operators that do not support VoLTE. Understanding the potential consequences and issues of turning off a 3G network is critical to maintaining a high level of customer support.

  • You still have 3G inbound roamers, but you are shutting down your 3G network.
  • The inability to support 3G will limit inbound revenue including data roaming.
  • Most non-VoLTE operators (500+) do not have plans to put in a costly IMS system
  • Without circuit switch fallback (CSFB or VoLTE roaming) operators are limiting their ability to negotiate with roaming partners and potentially increasing outbound roaming rates

What are your next steps?

Understanding your options for continuing to support both 3G devices and the number of roamers entering your network that you will not be able to support will be key to maintaining revenues. Syniverse can help guide your next steps by giving you the capabilities to continue on your 3G sunsetting path, while assuring your ability to seamlessly support non-VoLTE compliant visitors with both voice and data as they travel into your network.

Why Syniverse?

Syniverse’s 3G fallback solution, Evolved Mobility, allows the visited network to continue to focus strictly on VoLTE roaming while the home network focuses strictly on 3G voice calling. Neither the visited nor home operator must change their behavior to benefit from Syniverse’s solution.

We deliver reliable network performance and superior security controls, through broad global reach, expansive network coverage and establishment of key partnerships. We offer guaranteed quality-of-service features along with a knowledgeable customer support department with technical expertise, along with an extensive offering of innovative and forward-thinking solutions supporting 4G, VoLTE, and 5G services.