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LTE Let's Talk EvolutionTM with Connected LTE Expertise

Let’s talk about new smartphone technologies, cutting-edge apps and individual user habits have ushered in an era in which mobile data use is skyrocketing. This is prompting the need for LTE networks to handle these surging mobile data demands, but LTE rollout isn’t easy, and it presents a host of new challenges. On the technology end, mobile operators have to install new equipment and adapt existing infrastructure to new standards. On the business end, operators have to determine new pricing structures and reconfigure business partner relationships for roaming and interconnecting.

LTE Let's Talk Evolution and the current and future state of mobile by following the Connected LTE Expertise page for updated industry and technology information designed to help mobile service providers both understand and successfully implement LTE based mobile solutions.

LTE Let's Talk Evolution today and tomorrow with 5G.

Taking a Closer Look at Quality

By focusing on quality of service (QoS),
providers can effectively deliver differentiation and ultimately success.

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Syniverse Connected LTE Reach Map
Connected LTE Whiteboard Video
Understanding VoLTE Roaming for S8 Home-Routed and Local
Breakout Architectures
Syniverse Guide to LTE Roaming and Interoperability

Syniverse Guide to LTE Roaming and Interoperability

With LTE now becoming ubiquitous, mobile network operators (MNOs) need a strategy to support global roaming reach and connectivity. This guide is designed to offer additional insights into the challenges and opportunities associated with the migration to LTE roaming.

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The World is Turning to VoLTE. Are You Prepared?
Infographic: The World is Turning to VoLTE. Are You Prepared?
Syniverse LTE

“As the leader in LTE enablement, Syniverse allows us to deliver next-generation mobile experiences to our subscribers. Through a single connection to Syniverse’s expansive IPX network, we are able to deliver LTE roaming while also future-proofing our network to support advanced technologies like VoLTE and to increase bandwidth as LTE volumes continue to rapidly grow.”

Source: Eng. Walid Al-Wabel, General Manager of STC’s Wholesale Operations Management