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Safeguard your network strategy.

SAP recently sold its Digital Interconnect business. And as with any major transition, that brings an uncomfortable level of uncertainty. But Syniverse can help you maintain service quality, reach, and the best customer experience.

Syniverse IPX

We help mobile communications providers create a future-proof network architecture that reduces costs, establishes security, maintains quality and class of service, and provides an optimal user experience.

How? By empowering you to efficiently introduce new interconnect and roaming services via the largest global reach of any IPX provider through a single connection. Effortlessly support your needs today while building the foundation for the future of all IP-based services, including RCS, LTE, VoLTE and 5G.

Some of our customers

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  • IPX/GRX Global Connections

    Obtain optimal reach through more than 750 global connections across our IPX network.

  • Connected Countries

    Worldwide connectivity across more than 200 countries through our massive IPX footprint.

  • Direct Connections

    Industry-best direct reach to more than 180 LTE roaming-enabled operators.


Why Syniverse IPX?


We deliver a one-stop RCS Business Messaging solution offering rich messaging services to brands. That empowers them to effectively reach their customer base through the security and reliability of a mobile operator network.

3G to VoLTE

The sunsetting of 3G networks is on the horizon. We're prepared to help mobile operators navigate the migration by allowing them to seamlessly support non-VoLTE roamers traveling into their network.


5G is the next-generation communications technology that will become the unifying connectivity layer for the future. We provide an industry-leading foundation for the successful rollout of new mobile services, IoT applications, and the new 5G ecosystem.

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