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Stop Fraud Before It Starts

Keep your customers protected with quick, reliable alerts.

Free to End User (FTEU) Fraud Alerts

Fraud can happen anytime, anywhere. The key to fighting any instance of fraud, and stopping it in its tracks is responding as quickly as possible when suspicious activity is detected and verifying whether or not a transaction is valid. Businesses are not only struggling to fight the losses incurred by fraud but also to meet the demands of customers to protect their assets and be a brand that customers can trust.

The best, most effective way to have this instant, real-time communication with your customers is through SMS fraud alerts, as text messaging...

  • is the most used messaging channel in North America than any other mobile channel
  • has an open rate of nearly 98%
  • gets read in under 3 minutes 90% of the time
  • receives a 209% higher response rate than phone, email, or Facebook (TechJury)

Not only that, with Syniverse’s fast, reliable messaging, you can count on these critical messages to be delivered and receive responses back quickly, so you can take the action needed to either deny or approve the transaction in question. In fact, many of our financial institutions’ customers have reported that text messages are delivered so quickly that customers are frequently still standing at the register when they were responding to the fraud alert.

Check out how we turn problems into solutions for our financial customers through this customer success story.

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  • Reliable.

    Partnerships with the top 5 global card issuers.

  • Trusted.

    Trusted by  9 out of 10 largest US banks

  • Protected.

    Achieve an 80%+ accountholder response rate with a large bank in North America, reducing false declines, limiting fraudulent transactions, and increasing overall customer satisfaction

  • Fast.

    End-to-end message delivery in 3-5 seconds

These fraud alerts are not just any SMS message, though. While most messaging programs require explicit opt-in before a business is able to send the messages to their customers, this SMS solution—called Free-to-End-User (FTEU) SMS messaging—removes the requirement for a customer to opt in. It also does not involve any text messaging charges for the end customer, ensuring they never miss receiving one of these crucial messages.

FTEU fraud alerts are designed to save your business from fraud loss and your customers from the headache of everything that comes with having their account compromised. That way, you can spend more of your engagements creating positive experiences and building a lifetime of value in your brand.

Connect with us today to learn why some of the largest banks choose Syniverse to send millions of fraud alerts to their customers every year, at any time.

Syniverse: 30+ years in the mobile industry

We provide reach and connectivity to nearly every mobile device and channel to ensure that you’re sending the right message, to the right person, at the right time.

Send text or rich content to customers on the only channel that has an open rate of nearly 100%
Provide rich, interactive engagements that drive and integrate commerce-type experiences
Use geotargeting to deliver timely, effective alerts that are quickly viewed and accessible from home screen
Transform printed coupons, loyalty cards and passes into digital, dynamic content that is easily accessed and redeemed
Enable two-way communication in real time across multiple mobile channels, either with live service agents or automated chatbots
Build voice callback functionality into your existing web or mobile application

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