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2016 TDS #69 - GSMA Event

    Location: Zagreb, Croatia
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2016 TDS #69 - GSMA Event

TDS Working Group - Technical Data interchange Specifications

TDS is responsible for the development and maintenance of the technical specifications and implementations of TAP, RAP, NRTRDE, RAEX IOT/Op Data, MMT API and related file transfer mechanisms, release management, testing and inter-agent processes, including requirements for the TAP Testing Toolkit (TTT) and the RAEX IOT/Op Data application. We welcome all GSMA Members and Associate Members to our meetings and we recommend all companies to join as a minimum to monitor the development via the mailing list. We normally have a technical/billing/testing background.

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Dates Event Name Location
2016 TDS #69 - GSMA Event Zagreb, Croatia
GSMA WAS #4 Dublin, Ireland (Booth/Stand#: Wicklow 5)
GSMA Mobile LIVE North America Atlanta, GA
AfricaCom Cape Town, South Africa (Booth/Stand#: P102)