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Pradeep Bhardwaj – Senior Technology Director, Innovation and Solution Development

Pradeep Bhardwaj

As Senior Technology Director of Innovation and Solution Development, Pradeep Bhardwaj serves as a senior technology adviser who oversees strategic initiatives to advance leading-edge technologies and standards, such as LTE and VoLTE, for Syniverse and its customers. Mr. Bhardwaj joined Syniverse in 2005 and has built a career that encompasses more than 25 years of senior positions for leading telecommunication companies and industry associations. Prior to coming to Syniverse, he served in several solutions architect and consultant positions for companies that included Airtel, NEC, Oracle and Alcatel-Lucent. Moreover, Mr. Bhardwaj has a long record of achievement with the GSMA, for which he served as Chairman of the Hubbing Provider Interworking Group from its inception to its end. He has a bachelor’s degree in electronics and telecommunications engineering.