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James Stewart – Senior Product Manager, Mobile Transaction Services

James Stewart

James Stewart joined Syniverse in 2008 and brings more than 25 years of experience in the mobile industry, with a particular specialization in fraud prevention. In addition to being Senior Product Manager at Syniverse, he serves as the Chairman of the Roaming subgroup within the GSMA’s Fraud Forum group. Before joining Syniverse, Mr. Stewart was a Client Partner at Fair Isaac, in its Telecoms division. It was during his tenure with Fair Isaac that he became directly involved in the creation of the near-real-time roaming data exchange (NRTRDE) anti-fraud recommendations as editor of FF.18, which specifies the requirements for NRTRDE. Prior to his position at Fair Isaac, Mr. Stewart worked at Neural Technologies and Cerebrus Solutions and specialized in fraud and risk management. Previously, he was with Nortel Networks, where he spent 10 years working in Nortel’s e-business group to help operators overcome revenue assurance challenges. He holds a Bachelor of Science in electronics and electrical engineering from Brunel University in the United Kingdom.