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Solution Overview

We've packed a comprehensive portfolio of hosted services into a single, powerful platform for bringing your mobile virtual network offering to life: Syniverse Virtual Network Enablement.

Our MVNO platform gives you the tools to build and manage your virtual network offering with incredible customization and flexibility, and with control over every detail. Our world-spanning network infrastructure can securely link you to the world. Our roaming capabilities can serve as the foundation for amazing customer experiences. And our clearing and settlement service can ensure your MVNO service is monetized.

The MVNO market will grow to $88 billion by 2022. To capture that opportunity, you'll need to provide a differentiated, high-quality offering that stands out.

That's what Virtual Network Enablement is designed to do.

Whether it’s underpinning connectivity in the internet of things, finding a novel way to feed data-hungry subscribers or preparing for the new world of 5G, we'll arm you with the diverse toolkit you need to craft the perfect offering—and stake your claim in the MVNO marketplace.

Virtual Network Enablement in action:
For businesses

Syniverse’s Virtual Network Enablement is your platform for crafting and managing custom virtual network offerings.

By using our hosted core network, you gain a versatile, customizable, easy to scale service that gives you the ability to “pay as you grow” with a cost model that eliminates capital expenses while you pay only for the transactions you use.

Syniverse Virtual Network Enablement allows you to tailor the solution to your targeted segment with add-on modules that meet your specific needs. For example, if you want to provide enhanced customer experiences, products like Mobile Engagement, Campaign Determination and Mobile Policy Control Center help you engage your customers with the customized offers your customers are looking for.

Go quickly to market with our cloud-based, rapid global deployment and differentiated services that effectively target your segment for quicker growth and revenue recognition.