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Mobile messaging remains one of the most widely used forms of communication around the world, continuing to gain in popularity among businesses and brands to engage with customers and reach connected devices. However mobile messaging carries inherent security risks. These risks make SMS a favorite target for malicious actors to send attacks containing spam, phishing, malware and unauthorized application-to-person (A2P) traffic.

Syniverse built a globe-spanning, members-only private network that securely connects over 7 billion devices and is ready for the next 30 billion. We mastered mobile messaging to improve the customer experience, a feat recognized by Juniper, who named us the leader in the field. ​

Now, we’re uniting these services to offer the world’s first global secure mobile messaging solution. Our relationships with nearly every communications provider on the planet—combined with our private network isolated from the public Internet —empower us to manage the security of your messages. ​

That means your attack surface shrinks. Your customer experience is safeguarded. And your business risk decreases drastically. ​Ensuring seamless, secure customer interactions. Every time. It’s all possible when you work with one of the largest messaging providers on the planet with a reach that spans nearly every mobile operator – Syniverse.

Private Messaging in action:
For businesses

With Syniverse, mobile messaging traffic isn’t exposed to vulnerabilities. Our secure global messaging solution optimizes security and network performance in addition to restricting abuse and related threats in peer-to-peer, application-to-peer, and domestic vs. international traffic, including advanced threat prevention techniques with denial-of-service protection.

Solution Features:

  • First-to-market solution for secure mobile message delivery between enterprises and their customers
  • Enhanced security to safeguard mission-critical mobile messaging (including customer’s personally identifiable information)
  • Messages delivered via a secure connection to the mobile operator network without ever touching the public internet
  • Professional service experts with a deep knowledge of delivering mobile messages and securing networks