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Solution Overview

With Syniverse Intelligent Engagement, you can connect with your customer like never before. Our solution helps you deliver well-timed, compelling messages that bring your brand closer to people’s lives.

The key to smarter messaging solutions is coordinated knowledge. Syniverse's Intelligent Engagement makes use of behavior patterns, preferences, and other data sources to continually improve customer relationships. Ensure that whatever you need to say, your customers hear it.

Our platform also allows you to track and curate every message you send across departments, ensuring that customers aren’t getting duplicative or conflicting content. With clarity on users’ experiences, you can send messages that are impactful and build trust.

Our solution also uses automated compliance and consent tools to ensure that you’re reaching customers who want to be contacted.

Intelligent Engagement delivers hyper-relevant messages that matter. It’s your tool to spark meaningful customer conversations — conversations that lead to action.

Intelligent Engagement in action:
For businesses

The possibilities for using smarter engagement to connect with customers are endless. If you can be there in the right moment, you can improve your customers’ lives.

For example, if a bank suspects a fraudulent transaction has hit an account, it can use messaging to follow up with a fraud alert. When the customer notices the text and confirms the transaction, both parties get peace of mind in real time.

Intelligent messaging can also boost customer service. If a flight is delayed, an airline can quickly provide the passengers with meal vouchers or transportation credits over messaging. Service disruption remediated.

The powerful interactions possible with Syniverse Intelligent Communications are limitless. Our data-driven secure tools are ready. Whatever you need to say, we make sure they hear it.