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Network Readiness Services

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We’ll offer recommendations for 5G preparation while giving you an achievable roadmap of strategic and tactical goals.

Current state assessment

  • Provides comprehensive readout on current interconnect, IPX and roaming business practices within scope of existing architecture​

Gap analysis

  • Determines areas of improvement to ensure readiness for evolving network technologies​

Impact assessment

  • Builds a comprehensive risk and cost model for proposed changes to current network​

Scenario analysis

  • Provides if/then network examination to better understand realistic enhancement options​ ​

Capacity planning

  • Breaks down capacity needs based on forecasted traffic and evolving network standards highlighted by GSMA and 3GPP governing bodies ​

Architecture recommendations

  • Offers analysis into proposed network architecture changes and defines what success looks like​ ​


  • Ensure 5G readiness and explore incremental revenue opportunities
  • Power smarter “things” with ultra-low latency and flexible connectivity option
  • Meet GSMA and 3GPP 5G standards
  • Identify risks and recommendations for moving to 5G
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