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Mobile Campaign Management Services

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The expertise and resources to handle all your mobile customer engagement efforts.

Target List Segmentation

  • Gathers information about customer mobile behaviors to properly segment your audience and create value with every communication​

Content Development

  • Creates and manages customized mobile campaign content, including text messages, mobile web and email copy​

Program Brief Management

  • Produces a regulatory compliant text messaging campaign program brief to reduce time to market​

Channel Selection

  • Delivers best-in-class communications across text messaging, multimedia messaging, push notifications, social messaging, mobile chat, and rich communication services (RCS)​

Campaign Scheduling

  • Develops a comprehensive mobile customer engagement calendar, properly timed and sequenced with your defined business objectives​

Campaign Measurement

  • Tracks mobile engagement campaign performance against defined goals to optimize results


  • Implement a campaign design centered around the customer journey to drive action
  • Leverage mobile experts dedicated to helping you successfully launch your campaigns​
  • Track and measure campaign performance for real-time decision making