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Understanding the Global Threat of Mobile Fraud, Part 2

Mobile fraud can hit businesses in many different ways, but operators are often reluctant to share their stories. As a result, measuring and responding to mobile fraud have remained a challenge. To help the mobile industry shed more light on this, Syniverse developed a snapshot of roaming fraud for one complete year, based on work with over 130 mobile operators globally.
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Webinar Replay: Global Fraud Trends Review
Webinar Replay: Global Fraud Trends Review
Value of Fraud Detected in Last 12 Months by Syniverse Fraud Management
Effect of Industry Changes on Fraud

“A trusting relationship has developed between Deutsche Telekom and Syniverse that ensures that any fraud issues that occur are detected quickly and efficiently, and that all of our future requirements are addressed in good time.”

Axel Roesner, Head of Fraud Management Systems and Processes, Deutsche Telekom

The Superiority of Cloud-Based Fraud Management

Syniverse has over 110 customers using its Fraud Management capability via the cloud. They enjoy a global level of vigilance that increases the accuracy of prediction of fraud attacks against them. A cloud-based model comes with many other advantages, as illustrated in this capability visualization.

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Understanding the Threat of Mobile Fraud
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Fraud Protection Overview

Statistics from last 12 months measured for Syniverse Fraud Management Performance.

(Last updated from the year ending August 31, 2017.)