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Optimize your network to deliver seamless, secure experiences.  

Syniverse has led the way in mobile networking for generations—from 1G to 5G. 

Which is why communications providers trust us to be the independent third party that helps connect them to the world. And it’s how we can provide you with everything you need to prepare and protect your network—for today and for whatever comes next. 

Whether that’s network monitoring through our world-class Network Operations Center, assessing security vulnerabilities, or readying your network for millions or billions of IoT devices. With Syniverse Network Services, we can manage as much as you need us to—from assessment to surveillance.

Around the Clock Monitoring
Our Network Operations Center is always on.
Global Presence
39 distributed data centers worldwide.
Readying Your Network
Support millions or billions of IoT devices.
Intelligent surveillance.  

Our Network Operations Center monitors your network 24/7/365, detecting faults and taking action on all network alarms the moment they happen. We’ll even isolate points of failure to decrease mean time-to-resolution for the identified events. Then we’ll provide a readout on the number of network events, sent notifications, bridge calls and cycle times to give you the visibility you need to improve.

Ironclad security.  

Our experts can help you secure your connectivity to meet privacy regulations and safeguard your customer, business, and IoT data. We perform constant testing to identify security vulnerabilities in your network connections, routers, firewall rules, and inbound and outbound traffic. That enables us to complete a full assessment on network vulnerabilities and prioritize solutions. Then, we help you futureproof your security practices for 5G by developing a long-term proactive strategy to secure your network connectivity before threats occur.

Futureproof strategies.  

5G promises extreme connectivity—more use cases, smarter everything, and expectations for data delivery at light speed. We’ll be with you every step of the way, starting with an evaluation of your existing network. From there, we help you build a comprehensive risk and cost model for our proposed changes to your network. That model includes a scenario analysis that measures current traffic and forecasts future risks and costs as you build for 5G, IoT and increased data capacity. Finally, we provide recommendations that create a realistic roadmap of strategic and tactical goals.

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