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Syniverse Mobile Identity Guide
Syniverse Mobile Identity Guide

Safeguard, validate and secure your customer’s experiences

How can you improve customer trust in your brand? The first step is to implement solutions that safeguard their experiences. External factors, largely of out of customers’ control, threaten to hinder their interactions with brands around the globe. And customers have come to rely on brands to step in and protect their end-to-end journey.

Syniverse understands the importance of creating a holistic mobile identity strategy. We have designed a suite of solutions to safeguard your customers from the first touch point of their journey to the last, and to enable you to take these actions:

  • Verify your customer’s identity to mitigate fraud, such as new and existing account takeover
  • Mitigate risk related to the U.S. Telephone Consumer Protection Act (TCPA)
  • Ensure customer database integrity
  • Improve mobile marketing effectiveness

Secure, high-quality identity solution

  • Access self-service mobile identity APIs to incorporate authentication technologies into your existing applications
  • Leverage multiple high-quality sources of mobile identity carrier data to verify customer information, such as phone number, name and address
  • Proactively monitor and enable notifications when phone number event changes occur, such as a true number deactivation


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