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Number Portability
Number Portability

Simplifying the complexities of meeting any country’s number portability requirements for fixed and mobile services

Syniverse’s Number Portability solutions simplify the complexities of meeting any country’s number portability requirements. When faced with impending deadlines for government-mandated porting requirements, operators that choose a service bureau solution, such as the one offered by Syniverse, will have peace of mind knowing that the job will get done properly and on time.

Leverage Syniverse’s worldwide experience in managing number portability throughout the world

A competitive differentiator, Syniverse’s Mobile Number Portability solutions can simplify the complexities of meeting any country’s mobile number portability requirements for fixed and mobile services for all publicly available telephone networks. The solutions include a full service bureau offering that uses the latest technologies and supports all administrative portability process flows.

Syniverse’s number portability services offer these benefits:

  • Supports government-mandated requirements for porting of numbers
  • Reduces upfront capital investment through a hosted solution
  • Minimizes operating costs while providing high availability as a mission-critical business system
  • Enables the operators to address number portability as a way to gain additional subscribers
  • Allows other revenue-generating services, such as calling name delivery and electronic numbering (ENUM) dips
  • Enables downloading of PDFs.

Trading Partner Services

Syniverse provides a free and simple-to-use port-out GUI that enables a rapid response and port completion. All initial port-out requests for Syniverse’s US-based mobile customers can be sent through the port-out GUI, and port-in and port-out for wireline or wireless forms can be requested through Syniverse’s help desk. The help desk is available on weekdays from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m. Eastern Time and is closed on major U.S. holidays. Contact information for the help desk is below.

North American Porting Documents


Fallout Manager

Fallout Manager

Locates, updates and resubmits number portability requests that have fallen out of the automated porting process due to data errors.

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Wireline Service Order Administration

Wireline Service Order Administration

Provides a fast, simple and inexpensive way to manage porting transactions by helping ensure calls are always routed to the correct recipient.

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