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Mobile Engagement

Mobile Engagement for Service Providers

Syniverse Mobile Context

Capitalize on mobile value for your subscribers and enterprise customers

In today’s connected world, the mobile device is the strongest connection a service provider can have to its subscribers and employees. Mobile offers new opportunities to reach audiences in collaborative and hyperpersonalized ways. And developing compelling mobile engagement solutions provides the opportunity to deliver relevant communications that build strong, relationship-driven experiences.

Using the power of mobile, service providers can communicate more effectively and enhance customer relationships

Syniverse’s Mobile Engagement for Service Providers offers cross-channel communication and employee collaboration and messaging solutions to capitalize on the mobile value you can deliver to your subscribers as well as your enterprise customers. Our solution utilizes a range of customized programs that deliver real-time content to subscribers and employees directly to mobile devices through users’ preferred channels by:

  • Monetizing value-added services and improving brand differentiation in a cost-efficient way
  • Creating interactive engagement and Improving promotions and targeted offers using with more effective market segmentation
  • Deploying business-to-employee messaging services to your enterprise customers and enabling resellers to create and deliver targeted campaigns
  • Reducing costs and streamlining management by gaining access to a variety of network solutions and enterprise needs through a single, multi-protocol gateway


Engage and Deliver

Around the world, across multiple channels, Syniverse is connecting and empowering people for the next wave of mobile. Experience our vision in this video.

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SMS Text Marketing with Embedded Links

Infographic: SMS Text Marketing with Embedded Links

If the information in a text message isn’t engaging or relevant, your customers may opt out from receiving your messages. To ensure that doesn’t happen, your company can use the power of links in its SMS communications, and engage customers with rich content like games, apps and videos.

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