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Mobile Engagement For Enterprises

Infographic: The Life of a Mobile-Enabled Customer
Infographic: Reach Your Customer in the Mobile Moment

Reach and influence in-the-moment customer actions and experiences

As mobile continues to become the primary engagement channel, people want, seek and expect more direct and meaningful interactions in useful and intuitive ways. To this end, Syniverse's Mobile Engagement platform for Enterprises enables companies to create, deliver and manage real-time, in-the-moment communications using their customers' preferred mobile channels. Our innovative solution helps companies connect to every mobile connected person via more than 1,000 mobile service providers and deliver personalized interaction and relationship-driven experiences.

Customers: Deliver contextual, personalized campaigns and real-time customer value

Today's mobile technologies offer consumers new levels of convenience and flexibility to interact with enterprises whenever and wherever they want. To help enable this convenience and flexibility, Syniverse Mobile Engagement for Customers gives enterprises the opportunity to design and deliver mobile-first messages and campaigns that build singular enterprise experiences. With this solution, companies can take advantage of these capabilities:

  • Improve marketing effectiveness and ROI with differentiated notifications, offers, and campaigns
  • Apply proprietary customer data and mobile context to better target customers and present persuasive calls-to-action
  • Update campaigns and offers in real-time to drive customer response and loyalty
  • Influence and inspire customers along their entire journey using text marketing, push notifications, beacons, gamification, mobile wallet and more

Employees: Enable personal, one-on-one engagements on a company-wide scale

Use our powerful and versatile mobile engagement platform to keep the internal lines of communication open and employees more aware and motivated. When teams can be across town or around the globe, it’s critical to bring together the right people, share information and make better decisions faster. Syniverse Mobile Engagement for Employees can help you achieve this by providing you the capabilities to do this:

  • Empower effective, real-time collaboration that improves sales, productivity and customer service.
  • Use rich mobile experiences to improve employee relationships and morale
  • Facilitate and improve access to company communications, data and resources
  • Work smarter and better and help cultivate cooperation, creativity and responsiveness


Engage and Deliver

Around the world, across multiple channels, Syniverse is connecting and empowering people for the next wave of mobile. Experience our vision in this video.

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