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Interconnect Services
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Interconnect Security, Reliability and Efficiency

The industry’s move toward converged networks has caused the volume of phone numbers to explode, making number management a far more complex process. Whether new or established, fixed-line or mobile, all numbers require interconnect services. Syniverse, as one of the leading GSM clearing houses in the world, stands ready to be your one-stop interconnect partner, with an extensive global network of relationships with operators.

Full-Service Operation

We provide all the services that you need to handle interconnect partner interactions:

  • Call-detail record input with no specific input format required, and complete conversion, formatting, and verification before processing
  • Reference data and tariff maintenance with intra-country zoning analysis
  • Processing and rating with our unique number portability database
  • Invoicing, reconciliation and reporting with easy online access.

Our clearing house gives you access to roaming and interconnect experts and interoperator services that no off-the-shelf solution can deliver. As a result, you can avoid the major expenses for personnel and systems. You can also achieve smoother interconnect implementation by relying on our expertise in interconnect technology and systems integration.

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Interconnect Billing and Content Partner Management

Interconnect Billing and Content Partner Management as a Managed Service

The traditional environment of voice interconnection is changing and will continue to evolve even further with the advent of new IP-based services.

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Financial Clearing House for GSM

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