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Intelligent Roaming

Intelligent Wholesale Roaming

Intelligent Roaming Benefits
Intelligent Roaming Benefits

Make improvements for increased profitability

Understanding the quality of experience that your roamers have and being able to direct them to the networks that you have preferential cost arrangements with are fundamental to improving your roaming bottom line. But what makes a real difference for profitability growth is the ability to influence variables in real time. Adjusting traffic steering quotas hour by hour, proactively eliminating a service issue before it affects the subscriber, responding to variation in traffic profiles such as those generated by IoT devices or permanent roamers, and modifying volumes of data consumed, are critical capabilities for operators to be able to act on in real time.

Drive down cost and increase inbound revenue

Wholesale roaming both benefits from and contributes to the success of retail and quality. More outbound minutes mean more traffic to trade, helping to reduce costs and facilitate interchange to bring increased inbound volume.

Moreover, leveraging this to the fullest extent is contingent on nimble and real-time adjustable traffic steering. Insight into quality offered by partners will help in interoperator tariff negotiations and inform the design of tiered retail pricing. Ultimately, systematic selection of partners based on quality criteria serves to uphold the brand promise.

Syniverse’s solution will also reduce the volume of data flowing across your network so you can deliver services to data-hungry users using less bandwidth and having no impact on their experience.

Being able to fully measure, forecast and budget the variables driving the success of your wholesale business is made possible by supporting business intelligence tools.


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The Silent Roamer Opportunity

Infographic: The Silent Roamer Opportunity

Up to 70 percent of the approximately 75 million unique outbound international roamers each month do not use their mobile data services, according to insights from the millions of daily transactions Syniverse processes and research by Informa Telecoms & Media.

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