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Intelligent Roaming

Intelligent Retail Roaming

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Realize the full potential of your roaming

The revenue potential of the silent, inactive or low-spending roamer is significant. Juniper Research now estimates that as much as 70 percent of roamers turn data off or use alternative services when traveling abroad. But how can operators tap this substantial latent demand? The key lies in actionable, real-time information. This critical insight enables intelligent responses to the subscriber’s context. The delivery of usage transparency and appealing offers can play a crucial role in driving up usage and increasing the volume of your roamers while improving overall customer satisfaction levels.

Make your roaming offer appealing, instantaneous and transparent

The roaming environment presents a succession of barriers that can make the adoption of services anything but seamless. Syniverse, however, has honed solutions proven to meet our customers’ success criteria, and to make roaming effortless and instantaneous.

Using real-time data can establish a subscriber’s context, enabling the following policy management interventions just when a decision about connectivity is about to be made:

  • Presentation of an offer specific to individual usage history or service preference
  • Customized outreach that communicates the value of that offer in meaningful terms
  • Access to real-time information on usage to eliminate bill-shock anxiety
  • Monitoring and leveraging of increased usage to optimize your wholesale position with supporting business intelligence tools.


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Real-time intelligence offers a crucial tool in enhancing roaming usage.

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