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Electronic Number Mapping System (ENUM)
Electronic Number Mapping System (ENUM)

Providing efficient and accurate data access

Having access to up-to-date calling name data and ported number and line information is critical to offering expedient nationwide coverage and interoperability. Syniverse simplifies this process by offering single access to the data stored across multiple nationwide databases. This includes direct access to high-quality Calling Name data, direct access to nationwide Line Information Database (LIDB), and access to North American ported number information for both wireline and wireless communications.

Ubiquitous nationwide coverage and interoperability

With Syniverse’s database solutions, a mobile network service provider is able to realize fast and accurate database access and transport services. The solutions provide ubiquitous nationwide coverage and interoperability, offering future-proof capabilities, such as Electronic Number Mapping System (ENUM) services.

This allows mobile service providers to deliver LTE IP-based value-added services with technologies like VoLTE, ViLTE, and IP Multimedia Subsystem (IMS).

Specifically, Syniverse’s database access and transport services, along with ENUM deliver these capabilities:

  • Reduce internal resource costs by allowing you to rely on Syniverse’s expertise, established industry relationships, and agreements
  • Minimize operating and network costs associated with connecting to multiple industry databases
  • Take advantage of Syniverse’s advanced network operations center to monitor Syniverse’s network and database services and ensure continued service reliability
  • Offer next-generation VoLTE, ViLTE and RCS services while controlling newly introduced routing and control technologies
  • Reduce costs by using in-band signaling for IP-based services, and by acquiring updated and customized routing information in a timely manner.


CNAM Database

Effectively deliver the caller names to the called parties’ handsets or caller ID equipment.

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Toll Free Service

Lower expenses of owning and maintaining toll-free databases.

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