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Connected LTE

Connected LTE for CDMA Operators

Connected LTE for CDMA coverage
Connected LTE for CDMA (Click to view)

Implement LTE roaming with one connection to Syniverse

Built on Syniverse’s leading IPX and Diameter Signaling Service solutions, Connected LTE for CDMA Operators allows mobile service providers to offer their customers a range of LTE voice, data and video services. The services can span multiple operators around the world through a single connection to a highly controlled private network, with guaranteed security, quality of service (QoS), and class of service (CoS). A complete LTE solution, Connected LTE’s powerful intelligence and monitoring tools let operators gain beneficial insight into their subscribers’ roaming behaviors, identifying potential roaming problems in real time while creating an enhanced roaming experience with personalized offerings.

Specifically, Connected LTE enables mobile service providers to realize these capabilities:

  • Reduce costs and implementation time with an end-to-end solution for the launch and management of LTE roaming
  • Transition more easily to GSMA processes with GSM-based data and financial clearing services
  • Open opportunities to obtain LTE roaming agreements with new roaming partners
  • Provide proactive customer service and troubleshooting with network monitoring tools that let mobile operators view subscriber activity whether subscribers are roaming on the LTE network or CDMA network
  • Launch next-generation LTE data, VoLTE and ViLTE roaming and interconnect services with confidence
  • Increase LTE roaming reach through the Global Interstandard Roaming solution, which allows for the inclusion of GSM voice and data roaming with LTE data roaming.


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