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Mobile Protection

Mobile Protection

Syniverse Fraud Management & Revenue Assurance

Mobile usage has soared and resulted in an increase of vulnerabilities that can expose companies and their users to fraud. To combat this, business leaders globally are looking for ways to enhance user experiences while also safeguarding against fraudulent attacks that can affect their bottom line and brand reputation.

Syniverse Mobile Protection Suite is a set of solutions that addresses these concerns and provides both mobile network operators and companies with the visibility and tools necessary to monitor, detect, and prevent fraudulent activity. The solutions enable greater transparency that can help operators and companies more quickly respond to problems, before they become larger crises.

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Fraud Protection Overview

Syniverse’s flexible and cost-effective Risk Management portfolio safeguards mobile network operators, fixed-line operators and mobile virtual network operators against revenue leakage caused by fraudulent activity. Using advanced and sophisticated analysis technology, our cloud-based solution efficiently detects and monitors harmful activity occurring on networks. This provides operators the ability to better manage risk, protect revenue, and safeguard user experiences in a proactive manner.

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Guide to Mitigating TCPA Risk
Download our Guide to Mitigating TCPA Risk

Syniverse’s Phone Number Verification solution provides a comprehensive set of tools that enable companies to leverage available mobile attributes to validate and secure their data before initiating interactions with their users. Powered by a secure, private, cloud-based IP network, our solution provides a range of identity management and location-based services. These enable companies to enhance mobile security, increase database integrity, and improve communication effectiveness on a global scale.

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