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Syniverse Intelligent Roaming, IPX Network and Roaming Solutions

Providing a Platform for the Future with Syniverse Intelligent Roaming, IPX Network and Roaming Solutions

One of the world’s largest telecommunications service providers sought a foundation for the future to transition its network in China to 4G and LTE. With more than 900 million mobile subscribers, China is the world’s largest mobile market, and with the country expected to control just under one third of the smartphone market by 2017, China is poised to overtake the United States as the world’s largest smartphone market.

Syniverse provided an answer to this provider with a multi-part program consisting of Syniverse’s Intelligent Roaming, IPX Network, Financial Clearing and Roaming Fraud Services DataNet solutions. Syniverse’s Intelligent Roaming tools, Visibility Services, VisProactive and RoamMonitor, have given the provider up-to-the-minute views of its own network as well as the networks on which its end users roam, along with usage alerts for end users. Syniverse’s IPX Network has delivered a future-proof network that has given the provider a platform to smoothly transition to LTE without having to connect to additional networks. Finally, Syniverse’s Financial Clearing and DataNet services have given the telecommunications service provider fast, secure and controlled settlement capabilities for clearing roaming, and a platform for reducing roaming fraud and protecting network investments.

As we build more advanced networks to support increasing bandwidth and end-user demands, we remain focused on providing our customers with the high-quality, seamless experience they have come to expect. Syniverse’s in-region presence and end-to-end solutions address the complexities surrounding global interoperability to help us support the increased data demand we’re seeing today while ensuring we’re fully prepared for the future.

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