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Extending a Brand with Syniverse Mobile Campaign Service

As a global financial services company was planning to televise one of its largest charity events of the year, it was missing a branding opportunity: A fun and interactive way to keep viewers engaged and promote its brand in tandem with its corporate giving campaign. In particular, the Mobile Campaign Service provided a scalable platform to allow viewer participation, and a customized solution that could be fine-tuned up to the last minute before going live. In exploring its mobile options, the company turned to Syniverse, which evaluated the needs and proposed a text messaging campaign. The campaign would start during the broadcast of the charity event, and mobile users would be able to send a text message over an eight-hour period and have a charity donation made on their behalf by the company as well as be entered for a chance to win a singular showpiece from the event as a special prize. The solution would provide a powerful promotion of the company’s brand through a universal mobile medium that almost anyone would be able to access. However, the solution would need to be able to be quickly deployed, and it would need to accurately tabulate thousands of text messages coming from multiple mobile service providers.

Using its brand solutions portfolio, Syniverse implemented its Mobile Campaign Service tool to develop an SMS campaign management solution that could be deployed quickly and process a high volume of messages rapidly. The solution enabled the creation of all the campaign components, including the setup of a short code, the aggregation and sorting of thousands of SMS messages, and the breakdown of detailed analytics. In particular, the Campaign Management solution provided a scalable platform through which thousands of messages could be sent, received and managed in real time through a single connection to Syniverse. In addition, because the rules and conditions could not be finalized before the normal requisite eight to 12 weeks needed to set up a short code, the solution included consultation and assistance in which Syniverse was able to work with mobile service providers to expedite the process and ensure the short code could be ready before the campaign start date.

"Thanks to Syniverse, we were able to quickly develop and deliver a means to extend our brand via mobile, providing a fun way to engage viewers of our charity event and a channel to help drive more donations. The solution enabled us to create all components for the campaign with one tool and ultimately helped us succeed in receiving nearly 10,000 text messages over eight hours – with more than 5,500 coming in during the peak hour. What's more, the customized solution provided a much wider range of data than we expected, allowing us to make a deeper, more insightful analysis of the number, rate, and geographic breakdown of our customers, and providing a solid foundation for future texting and branding campaigns."

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