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Roaming Services Upgraded with Managed Services Solution

Syniverse Leads Completion of Roaming Services Upgrade with Managed Services Solution

One of the largest group operators in Latin America needed to complete a massive roaming services upgrade in just a six-month window. The upgrade would provide a significant improvement in customer service, enhancement of revenue, and reduction in operating expenses, but the project entailed over 100 separate services. Consequently, the operator needed to assemble a team of highly specialized experts that could handle the many different areas of complexity in this project. At the same time, though, it needed to accomplish this without taking on the high costs of internally creating a team and pulling away key employees from their primary roles.

The operator turned to Syniverse's Managed Services for a flexible solution that could be quickly and cost-efficiently deployed. Syniverse sprang into action with its Global Business Services and Solutions team, a specialized group of more than 50 mobile consultants that leads the Managed Services engagements. The team first collaborated with the operator to assess its roaming services goals and prioritize the multitude of roaming partner agreements the operator sought to improve. Syniverse then helped the operator determine failure points and inefficiencies in its roaming service processes, and use Syniverse's exemplary roaming service workflow methods to revamp these processes. At the same time, the team worked with the operator to restructure multiple roaming partner agreements to optimize their operational efficiency and enhance their revenue potential. As a result, Syniverse's Global Business Services and Solutions team succeeded in helping the operator complete its upgrade of over 100 services on schedule, and gain a number of new customer-service and revenue-enhancement capabilities.

"The upgrading of over 100 services in such a short time was a tall order that we couldn't have accomplished efficiently if we had undertaken it ourselves. Syniverse's Managed Services offered an ideal solution, allowing us to hit the ground running with a team of specialists while minimizing our costs and resource commitments. This has helped us to greatly streamline our roaming operations and improve our service to customers."

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